About Transportation

The Transportation Operations department serves 121 schools, safely and efficiently transporting approximately 50,000 students to and from school each day. With a fleet of 511 school buses using approximately 2,700 bus routes and 9,200 bus stops, our drivers travel approximately 61,000 miles per day for a total of approximately 10,920,000 miles per school year, which equates to driving around the equator of the earth a little more than two times every day of the school year.

Rules for Riding the Bus

Polk County’s children are our most treasured assets. We strive to provide them with the safest transportation possible, but we can’t do it alone. Please review the following rules with your child, and stress the importance of following these rules while riding the bus.

  1. Stand off the roadway while awaiting the bus.
  2. The bus emergency door must not be tampered with and must not be used for ordinary boarding and exiting.
  3. Keep arms and head inside windows.
  4. Wait for the driver’s signal before crossing. Cross the roadway three or four steps in front of the bus.
  5. Please do not move within the bus while it is in motion.
  6. Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct is to be observed.
  7. The driver and/or attendant are in full charge of the bus and students. Students must obey driver and/or attendant.
  8. The driver and/or attendant have the right to assign students seats, if necessary, to promote order on bus.
  9. No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed on the bus.
  10. Students must be on time, which is 10 minutes before bus is scheduled to arrive. The bus cannot wait for those who are tardy.
  11. Other than service animals, animals are not allowed on the bus.
  12. Students are to be absolutely quiet at railroad crossings.
  13. When you get up on a school day, and the fog is thick, be sure to listen to the TV news media or a popular radio station in your area for any information regarding a change in the school bus schedule. If no definite information is given, go to your bus stop as usual and wait for the bus to arrive. The bus will make the run even though it may not be on schedule. While waiting for the bus, be very careful and stay off the roadway, away from the edge of the pavement, to avoid being hit by a vehicle, especially when conditions are unsafe.
  14. When exiting the bus, remind your child to move away from the bus as soon as possible before the bus moves on to the next stop. Ensure that your child knows to never crawl under the bus for any reason.
  15. Students will only be provided bus transportation to and from the bus stop located nearest their residence.

Any student, who does not abide by the rules stated above, will be disciplined and may be suspended from the bus. RIDING A SCHOOL BUS IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT.

Bus riders will be required to participate in two SCHOOL BUS EMERGENCY EVACUATION DRILLS during the school year. This complies with STATE and FEDERAL LAWS. If your child has any physical or medical reasons for not participating in EMERGENCY EVACUATION DRILLS, please notify the bus driver.

Full Memorandum for Parents


Polk County Public Schools has made it possible for all public high school students in the county to use public transportation for FREE. All students need is a COLTS sticker on their school ID badge to ride any standard transit bus in Polk County whenever and wherever the buses are running.

View more information and download Parent Permission Form.

Bus Delays

Need to know if your bus is running late? Check out our Bus Delays page for more information.


Bus Drivers Wanted

Polk County Public Schools is currently seeking bus drivers for all areas of the county. Visit our application information page for more information or contact the training department of Support Services at 863-534-7298.

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