To register for Dual Enrollment programs at Traviss or Ridge Technical College.

Step 1—Visit

Step 2—Choose Application for New Students and enter the required information. For “Form Type,” choose 04—Dual Enrollment. Choose the school you wish to attend.

Step 3—Read the information on Page 1/Welcome screen, then click “Next Page.”

Step 4—On Page 2/CTE Dual Enrollment offerings page, you may click the Program Matrix to view the programs available at each campus. From the drop-down menu, select your preferred campus, then select your preferred program. Click on “Next Page.”

Step 5—On Page 3/Demographic Information, check to make sure your first and last names and date of birth are correct.

Select your gender and enter your K-12 student ID Number, beginning with 5300, 5301, or 5302.

Enter your address, phone number with area code, and make the appropriate communication selections.

Step 6—On Page 4/Additional Contact Information, check to make sure your email address is correct, and select your primary home language.

Step 7—On Page 5/Emergency Contact/Records Release Information, list the primary contact’s (parent/guardian) first name, last name, relationship to student, email address, and contact address.

Click “Add More Contact Details,” to add the contact’s phone number, indicate whether the contact is an Emergency Contact and whether they may have records access. Click “Save Contact,” then “Next Page.”

Step 8—On Page 6/Additional Required Information, enter the student’s zoned high school, then indicate on the drop-down menus whether the student has an IEP/504 Plan, qualifies as a homeless/runaway youth, or qualifies as a migrant/seasonal farmworker. Click “Next Page.”

Step 9—On Page 7/Information Opt-Out, make your selections about who you would like your personal information shared with. Click “Next Page.”

Step 10—On Page 8/Ethnicity/Race, make a selection for each drop-down menu. Click “Next Page.”