Magnet and choice schools offer the standard required curriculum of general education, as well as distinctive themes or programs, such as science, technology, math or the arts, that attract students to the schools.

Differences Between Magnet and Choice Schools

Originally, the sole purpose of magnet was to desegregate schools that were specifically identified in the Polk County desegregation agreement.

Choice schools can be created in response to community or school interest.

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School ZonesKnow Your Zone!

Students interested in attending a magnet or choice program may only apply to schools within their zone of residence. To determine your zone, please refer to the district’s online GeoZone application. Enter your address and then select the appropriate check box (Magnet Zones, IB Zones, etc.).


Zone A | Lakeland

Zone C | Davenport, Dundee, Haines City

Zone B | Lake Alfred, Winter Haven

Zone D | Bartow, Lake Wales

High School Accelerated Programs

High School Choice Program